Double Happiness Ohio

Double Happiness Ohio

A live Music Venue Arts and Events Space in Columbus, Ohio

Check out"


who: Oberhofer

what: Gotta Go

when: 11 (White Iris)

where: Tacoma, WA

why: Because it’s dreamy and longing, the kind of thing you blast on a cold November morning. 

Have a great weekend guys!

Mañana the 20 th sega genocide and Oberhoffer #doublehappohio

Tonight at doublehappinessohio the exhex/priests/and our local babes connections don’t miss this !

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Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck

Come down to listen for


r. stevie moore & ariel pink - cherrybaby come out 2night

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Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck

#Cocteautwins cocktail Tuesday ice blink luck drinks n svedka $2 all night!

at Double Happiness

#slayer #doiblehappiness

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